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Storyboard Pro, After Effects, Flash, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator, TB Animate, 3Ds Max, zBrush, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office Suite


ShadowMachine: Compositor (2017- 2017)
Composited various creative special effects and lighting to enhance scenes
Projects Included: Bojack Horseman (season 4)

Jim Henson Company: Scene Assembly Artist (2016- 2017)
• Error correction within scene conversions in Maya
Projects Included: Splash and Bubbles and Word Party (season 2)

ADHD: Compositor (2015- 2016)
• Compositing special effects on an animated half hour show to air in 2016
• Finding efficient solutions to reduce animation retakes

ShadowMachine: Compositor (2015- 2015)
• Collaborated with the animation team on creative additions to enhance scenes
• Composited special effects for multiple shorts spanning various styles
• Projects Included: MTV’s Greatest Party Stories Ever

ADHD: Technical Director (2013- 2015)
• Resolving errors related to the computer, Flash, and asset preparation
• Maximizing team’s efficiency by organizing/tracking re-useable assets into a library
• Assisting workflow with updating shots, shot assignments, and compilations for review
• Managing technical and artistic creation of characters rigs to streamline animation flow
• Projects Included: Golan the Insatiable (Season 1-2), Axe Cop (Season 2), Major Lazer (Season 1)

Disney Interactive: 2D Flash artist (2013- 2013)
•  Worked on the large scale update of the mobile app, “My Penguin 1.2” which has received 4 stars and almost 4,200 ratings
•  Managed over one thousand game assets to be processed though the pipeline
•  Streamlined the processing of Flash assets for cross engine integration
•  Resolved errors related to Flash files and asset preparation

Cosmic Toast Studios: Animator (2012- 2013)
•  Worked as an animator on the feature length special “Lala Oopsies” with a two month deadline and the broadcast Nick Jr. show “Lala Loopsie”
•  Rigged and set up characters and props to be animated with Flash from AI files
•  Animated scenes with rigged nested Flash characters symbols

Smorgasbord Productions: Animation Intern (2013)
•  Worked with Flash animation techniques and character symbols
•  Organized character symbol set up for diverse range of Flash characters
•  Set up and animated scenes with rigged Flash characters

Maryland Institute College of Art: Animation Artist Research Technician (2011- 2012)
•  Provided academic and technical support for the Animation department
•  Met with faculty/students daily to determine needs and implement solutions
•  Coordinated with Supervisor and IT in resolving software and system issues

Connect.Me Animation: Freelance Designer/Animator (2011)
•  Created storyboards, visual design, and animation from client-provided script for promotional ad used on the client’s website
•  Final piece was used on the client’s website and received over 4,500 views

Northwest Animation Festival 2012: Official Selection
•  Submitted graduating film, “The Story of a Nice Girl”, which was selected out of 177 submissions for best of contemporary animation
•  Film was screened at Hollywood Theatre, Oregon with 58 other short films that included winners of other animation festivals and Oscar contenders

Cartoon Brew’s Student Animation Festival: Awardee
•  Submitted graduating film, “The Story of a Nice Girl”, which was one of ten student animations chosen internationally from 157 submissions
•  Animated film premiered on the Cartoon Brew website and was screened at the Trickster Festival in San Diego and at The Cinefamily Theater in Los Angeles

Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) Baltimore, MD (2011)
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation – Cum Laude

2007-2011 President- MICA Animation Club ‘09-’10
2007-2011 Vice President- MICA Breakdance Club ‘09-’10